We are a Rural Electric Cooperative with our headquarters in Holyoke, Colorado! Branch offices are in Ovid and Sterling, Colorado.


Renewable Energy

Highline has become aware of a compay that is contacting cooperative members in the state offering a Community Wind Program.  The company offers you the ability to offset your carbon footprint by purchasing renewable energy credits for $0.015/kWh.  Highline Electric can also offer renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset your carbon footprint.  These RECs are generated at various renewable energy projects across Tri-State Generation and Transmission's territory.  The Highline Program allows you to purchase these renewable attributes in 100kWh blocks at a cost of $0.09 per block.  For example, if you use 2,000 kWh per month the outside company would charge you $30 per month to participate in their program.  Highline can offer you the same environmental benefits for $1.80 per month.  Please feel free to call our office, or visit our Renewable Energy tab, if you have any questions.

Uncashed Capital Credits Refund Checks

Highline Electric has unclaimed capital credits refund checks for many individuals.  You can see a list of names[pdf] from 2017 and search for your name using the "Find" feature in PDFs.  If you or someone you know is on this 2017 list please contact, or encourage them to contact, the Highline office, if they have not already done so, at 970.854.2236, 800.816.2236 or email Elise at elisep@hea.coop.

Renewable Energy Survey

Highline Electric is required by Colorado law to obtain a certain percentage of total sales from renewable energy installations that are “behind the meter”. Renewable energy farms, or centralized installations that have several subscribers, can be used to meet this requirement. Highline would like to know your thoughts regarding different options that are available to meet this requirement.   Please complete the survey.

Annual Meeting 2017

Did you miss the Highline Electric Association 2017 Annual Meeting at the Phillips County Event Center? The Meeting in its entirety can be found on our YouTube page. We would like to thank everyone who helped make our annual meeting a success and especially all of our members for joining us. We look forward to serving you for years to come!

Keep Electricity Affordable

Keep Electricity Affordable is an alliance of citizen's and organizations in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming that believes affordable electric power is an indispensable resource and is essential to families, businesses, communities and the economy. Please join with Highline in this effort to Keep Electricity Affordable

CREA Legislative Directory

Use this directory to contact your representatives. Let them know what is important to you, what you want to happen in this year's legislative and congressional sessions, and how their actions affect you, your business and your community.



Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed a page to help answer some of the most common asked questions. Please click FAQs to view them.

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