MARATHON WATER HEATERSMarathon Electric Water Heater


  • Lifetime Limited Tank Warranty
  • Parts warranted for 6 years from date of manufacture.

Long Life

  • The seamless, blow-molded polybutylene tank is impervious to rust and corrosion!
  • Multiple layers of filament-wound fiberglass give the tank unmatched strength.
  • The tank is designed, built and warranted not to leak "for as long as you own your home."

Energy Efficiency

  • Envirofoam insulation is free of ozone, depleting CFCs and HCFCs so it saves the planet - and it saves energy.
  • Pipe Wrap Energy Kit is included to reduce heat loss from plumbing lines.


  • Recessed drain valve is out of the way of brooms and scrubbers.
  • Tough molded outer shell resists dents and scratches.
  • Bowl-shaped bottom allows more complete sediment draining.


  • Factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve for greater value and security.
  • Conduit between control boxes facilitates wiring for "off peak" use.
  • All plastic tank eliminates the need for an anode rod - preventing odor problems.


*Tankless water heaters do not qualify for current rebates. If you install a tankless/on-demand water heater, please notify HEA concerning load/demand.

Tank Size Efficiency Width Height Wattage Price
50 Gallon 94% 23.50" 66.75" 4500 $953.70
85 Gallon* (limited quantities available) 92% 28.25" 70.25" 4500 $1,220.00

*Not eligible for the rebate through Highline Electric.

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