Meco Tabletop GrillThe Meco Tabletop Electric Grill uses the energy efficient concept of infrared reflectivity to save energy that is often wasted. There's no fuss and no mess with this grill. You'll be ready to cook without having to mess with dirty dusty fuels flammable fluids or fuel cylinders. This grill offers three positions including vertical so you can cook the rotisserie without the worry of flare-ups. This grill plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet so it's usable anywhere. A food view window lets you keep an eye on things when the hood is closed. Adjustable heat control lets you pick your exact setting and a highly visible pilot let leaves no question as to when the grill is energized.

Table Top With Rotisserie - $136.84

Large Wood With Rotisserie - Unavailable

Meco Electric Cart Grill


This fabulous electric grill has so many great features you'll love it for years and years. The Meco Electric Cart Grill has thermostatic controls and a variable UL-listed heating element specifically designed for barbecuing. There are three element positions including vertical for indirect rotisserie cooking. This grill sits on a sturdy cart with square-tube legs and handy fold-away wooden side tables. There is also a matching wooden lower shelf for extra storage. Features a complete 120-volt UL-listed rotisserie. It is safe for outdoor cooking and has an on/off light. Also features a heat saving reflector pan handy grease pan and food view window.


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