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To submit your rebate online go to our Online Submission or for a printable version for this page download our Rebate Info[pdf]. W-9's are now being required with all rebate submissions.  Download a fillable W-9 here[pdf].

If you purchased a manufactured home which included some appliances, please use this form[pdf].
HEA Rebates
Program Information

Highline Electric Association members qualify for these Energy Efficiency Rebates. Submission of rebate information does not guarantee rebate.  Item receiving a rebate must be installed on the Highline service it is being related to.

Energy Star® is being used as a benchmark for Tri-State* and Highline incentives in a number of areas in the Energy Efficiency Program. Certain products requiring Energy Star® certification may not be eligible for incentives.

Rebates must be requested within 120 days from the purchase date, not install date. Call or go online to learn how to apply for a rebate. It can take up to 30 days for you to receive your rebate. Rebates can be received as check or credit, however, amounts under $25 will be issued as a credit on the Highline account.

All rebates are subject to change at the start of each new year. Be sure to contact Highline Electric to verify if your new purchase qualifies.

*Tri-State G &T Association, Inc. is a wholesale electric supplier owned by the 43 electric cooperatives that it serves in CO, NE, NM and WY.

For More Information

Rebates and inquaries can be submitted to or PO Box 57, Holyoke, CO 80734.

Rebates effective
Jan. 1, 2020
2020 Energy Efficiency Rebates
Qualifying Products Rebate Total
Electric Heat
Ground Source Heat Pump: New $850/ton
Ground Source Heat Pump: Replacement $425/ton
Air-Source Heat Pump with 15-17 SEER $500/ton
Air-Source Heat Pump with above 17 SEER $750/ton
Bonus: If ETS backup heat $100
30 to 55 Gallon Water Heaters
Standard Warranty - electric conversion or new construction $180
Standard Warranty - replacement $80
Lifetime Warranty Marathon purchased from HEA - electric conversion or new construction $225
Lifetime Warranty Marathon purchased from HEA - replacement $125
Heat Pump Water Heater - new, conversion or replacement Heat Pump Water Heater - new, conversion or replacement $375
Air Conditioners (1 ton Minimum, non-removable units only)
15-16 SEER Energy Star Split-System $200/unit
Above 16 SEER Energy Star Split-System $300/unit
Irrigation Motors & Variable Speed Drive Retrofit*
Premium Efficiency Irrigation Motor (10-500 hp)
Contact HEA for a Motor Table of Minimum Standards.
Wiring Assistance if motor replaces fossil fuel or new installation $1.50/hp
Installation of Variable Frequency Drives onto existing equipment Call HEA for details
 Information required for Motor Rebate and fillable W-9.
Energy Star Appliances
Energy Star® Refrigerator/Freezer (7.75 cubic feet or greater) $60
Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling Credit* - 2 units/member/year max. $120
Energy Star® Dishwasher $40
Top Load Energy Star® Clothes Washer $60
Front Load Energy Star® Clothes Washer $80
Energy Star® Clothes Dryer $60
Energy Star® Hybrid Heat Pump (ventless) Clothes Dryer $180
*To receive recycling credit, you must supply proof that your old unit was recycled. Please download the form.
 LED Lights
LED Light Bulbs (500 lumens or greater. Limit 50 bulbs per member, per year. Member must submit portion of packaging.) Half of bulb cost up to $8/bulb
Commercial Please contact HEA for Details:
Pre-set incentives
One Project per year
Per project cap of $20k
T-12 retrofit Premium rebate available for commercial T-12 replacements, contact HEA for Details

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