Lineman Demonstrating High Voltage Dangers

High Voltage Demonstration

Highline has a high voltage demonstration unit that shows the danger of coming in contact with electric wires. These demonstrations are available, free of charge, at day or night meetings.

The Story Behind the Switch

"The Story Behind the Switch" is a 60 minute safety program presented by a Tri-State demonstrator, in partnership with Highline Electric Association, explaining how electricity is made and how it gets from the power plant to your home.  This program can be tailored to any grades from kindergarten through high school.  View the flyer[pdf] for more information.

Call the Holyoke office for an appointment (970) 854-2236 or 1-800-816-2236

Community Room

In the Holyoke office, Highline has a community room that is offered to the community and membership at no cost. If you would like to see about using this room you may either submit a request online or call the Holyoke Office.


Highline makes numerous financial donations to service organizations and youth groups in our service area.

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