Applicable to consumers for the usage at irrigation pumps; subject to the established Rules and Regulations of the Association. Crop drying equipment may be connected to this same service and metered under this same rate schedule provided that:

1. Additional transformer capacity or additional investment by the Association is not required.

2. The drying equipment must not operate at the same time that the irrigation equipment is operating. A double-pole double-throw switch, approved by the Association, must be provided and installed by the consumer in a location that will prevent simultaneous operation.


Rates Single Phase Three Phase
Facilities Charge (Annual billed over 5 months) $372.00 $500.00
Demand Charge (Anual billed over 5 months) $10.10/HP $10.10/HP
First 400 kWh/billing horsepower $0.1196 per kWh $0.1196 per kWh
All additional kWh $0.1019 per kWh $0.1019 per kWh

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