HEA Past VehiclesHighline Electric Association was incorporated December 19, 1938. The first portion of the Highline Electric Association system was energized in February, 1940. Currently the distribution electric cooperative furnishes electric power to many farms, businesses and over 3,000 electric irrigation motors (totaling over 248,000 horsepower) in the service area. The system plant consists of 5,114 miles of transmission and distribution lines including 27 substations. In 1952, Highline joined with 24 other rural electric systems in Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado to form Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association. Today the Tri-State systems consist of 44 rural electric cooperatives.

HEA Lineman HistoryService Territory
Highline Electric Association has services in the following counties of Northeastern Colorado: Logan, Weld, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington and Yuma. The Association also has services in the following counties of Southwestern Nebraska: Perkins, Deuel, Dundy and Chase.

Total Plant Investment = $88,856,599; Number of meters = 10,292; Kilowatthours Sold = 455,731,702; Annual Revenue = $48,713,302

The headquarters for Highline Electric Association is located in Holyoke, Colorado, which is in extreme northeastern Colorado. Branch offices are located in Sterling, Colorado and Ovid, Colorado.

The Association employs 52 full-time employees. Eleven member-elected board members oversee the operation of the Association.

Capital Credits
Since the Association is a member-owned cooperative, it returns margins back to the membership on a rotating basis. It has returned $28,962,483 to the membership to-date.

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